Ardusat DemoSat V4 - Solar (Out of Stock contact us)

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Ardusat DemoSat is a working analog for a 1U Cubesat satellite.  The DemoSat can be completely disassembled and reassembled with a screwdriver and welcomes customization.  The DemoSat comes with the full Sensor Kit maker parts with over 100+ associated lessons.
Payload: Multi-Sensor (IMU(magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope), UV, LUX, RGB, IR thermal, Ambient Temp).   * Ask about new OpenMV Cam Computer Vision Integration add-on.
Onboard Computer Seeeduino/arduino Microcontroller. PCB
Data Storage: SD Data Logger OpenLog.  Real-Time Clock w/ battery backup.
Communications:  XBee 3-Pro2x Transceivers up to 3200 m (2 mi).  
Power:   2x Solar Panels, Charge Controller/Booster, Wattmeter, 2200 mAh LiPo battery, experimental loads( 3W LEDs, DC Motor, Potentiometer)
Frame:  3D Printed 4 part frame 1U CubeSat
Maker Kit parts: OLED Display, LEDs, photoresistors, jumper wires, breadboard, piezo, buttons
1 Yr subscription:  Experiment platform (web compilation of code, data visualization),  Support and customized curriculum page.
Lessons/Labs:  Over 100+ lesson/labs/experiments.
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