Ardusat DemoSat

The Ardusat DemoSat is ideal for any classroom setting  and will add that extra engaging component. The DemoSat is designed to the CubeSat One Unit (1U) standard. The 3D printed frame comes fully assembled with standoffs and see-through acrylic platforms. Each DemoSat also includes all of the components included in the Ardusat Space Kit, used to conduct remote-sensing, earth-based experiments.
Technical details:
    • DemoSat Frame:  Designed to the CubeSat 1U standard. 
    • Wireless:  Two wireless radio frequency (RF) radios are included.   One radio is connected inside your DemoSat and the second is connected via USB to your PC/Laptop.  These 2.4GHz XBee modules, by Digi, enable the Demo Satellite to communicate up to 1 mile / 1500m from your computer.
    • Rechargeable Battery:  This lithium ion pack is made of 2 balanced 2200mAh cells for a total of 4400mA capacity.

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