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Because Learning's hardware and software make STEM learning exciting. Scroll down to view our products for educators.

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Why Because Learning?


Learning Resources

We have classrooms all over the world that are using Because Learning to enhance their STEM programs. As a part of your Classroom Launch Pack purchase, you’ll receive access to professional development webinars where best practices, resources, and experiments are shared.



Want to share your ideas and experiments with others? Join our Because Learning Community! Introduce yourself and collaborate with others to come up with new and exciting ways to bring your school’s STEM program to the next level.



We recognize that teachers only have a limited amount of time to incorporate new programs in their classroom. Our account management services will provide as much support as you want to ensure successful implementation of the Because Learning program.

This is How STEM Comes to Life

Once you get your Sensor Kits, there are all kinds of ways to start exploring. 

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